About Us

We enjoy our customer's confidence for more than 25 years now!


Our customers benefit from our 25 years' experience and our well educated and trained staff. We have expert knowledge in changes of law and leading decisions respectively. Our experience offers you the best protection against unwelcome surprises.

Consulting Service:

Non-binding advise that is also understandable to non-professionals

Always at your disposal:

24/7 service

Service where you need it

We stand ready to send our staff to your location and at your convenience (up to 100 km in the surrounding area)

Invoice transparency:

You can review our pricelist on-line. Our invoices are itemized in detail.

Sachverständigenbüro München Ost LTD

  • Eberhard Planner
  • Berg am Laim Str 89
  • D - 81673 München
  • Tel.: 089 - 40 73 35
  • Fax: 089 - 43 12 96 6
  • E-Mail: info@gutachter-planner.de
  • Opening hours:
  • Mo - Tue 10:00 - 18:00 Uhr
    Fri 10:00 - 17:00 Uhr

Whatever you need, car expertise expertise on houses or apartments, we stand committed to delivering the service that exactly meets your needs:

We offer expertises on vehicles, such as automobiles, trucks, camper, motorbikes and agricultural vehicles. Furthermore we focus on transport damages and damaged cargo as well as householders- and water pipe damages. Fire inquest and certification on cause of fire also counts to our scope of business.

Prevention and verification service:

  • We inspect the repair quality and check the dealer's invoice after an accident.
  • We review car expertises of other parties.
  • We advise you on questions and inspect vehicles you plan to purchase or sell. The expertise is valid in EU. Your sales will be easier and it makes your purchase safe.
  • You can find additional details in
    Business Activities
  • Give us a call, your expectations drive our committment.
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